5 Foals presented - 4 awarded Elite, 1 Premium

HV Dolce - Desperados/Londongirl/Londonderry

HV Symphony - Sir Donnerhall/Her Highness/His Highness

HV Bravo - Bluefields Berlin/Donna Rubina/Donnerhall

HV Florian - Bluefields Floreno/Her Highness/His Highness

HV Sapphire - Sir Donnerhall/Her Highness

We are very proud of our gorgeous HV Duke - De Niro/Her Highness/His Highness - awarded Elite Foal with 81% on ACE Tour. Surrogate mum Monique has also done a wonderful job.

Another successful embryo transfer from HV Her Highness to De Niro.  Well done HEVC! 100% so far!!  Can this combination get any better!